Reggie lost a total of 50 lbs!! Not recognizing himself in a picture, he decided to make a change. Instead of grabbing fast food for his breakfast and lunch, he replaced it with Herbalife shakes. Reggie lost his weight and gained more life.

Before Herbalife, I was losing confidence in what I was seeing in the mirror as well as low on energy. I was frustrated with trying so many things and not seeing a change. Now, Im at my healthy weight and feeling amazing.
— Reggie

Bianca lost 12 lbs, and put on 5 lbs of lean muscle, but her biggest victory is not skipping breakfast and having better energy. As a busy, non-profit professional, Bianca found herself having less and less time for herself. She got started on a nutrition plan, adding Herbalife shake and teas to her daily rhythm, and feels better than ever.

Before Herbalife, I would wake up every day exhausted and had to drink coffee throughout the day. I’d eat when I got nauseous or jittery around 2 pm and would often have to take naps in the afternoon. I was not aware of how much my nutrition habits were impacting my energy. Now - I often wake up before my alarm, have so much more energy, and have a simple and easy way to fuel my body throughout the day.
— Bianca

Kristen gained empowerment. She had found herself hiding, frustrated, and tired. She had plateaued on her weight-loss journey losing 60 pounds, but tired, hungry, and frustrated.  After she incorporated Herbalife Shakes and focused on eating more protein throughout the day; she has lost over 20 more pounds and continues to feel healthier and happier.

I was resigned, frustrated, and tired. I was working-out 5 days a week but plateaued on my weight-loss journey. I was so restrictive with my food and often low in energy. After getting on my my Herbalife Nutrition Plan I feel in control of my energy and my health. More importantly, as a result of working on my mind, body, and spirit together I have learned to love myself and share joy!
— Kristen

Billy Energized and loving LIFE.Billy has lost a total of 30lbs and put on 18lbs of lean muscle. Being a busy federal government employee working 10 to 12 hours a day, Billy found it easier to just skip breakfast and eat a bigger meal later in the day, that usually consisted of fast food. Billy finally got tired of being sluggish and wasting money and invested into his Herbalife Nutrition program; where he found much success and more savings from not eating out so much.

Before Herbalife, I was a former Division I Track and Field athlete that moved to DC and got really comfortable in my lifestyle. I had to take frequent lunch time naps. I worked out 4 to 6 days a week, but never saw the results, due to my poor eating habits. Now - Herbalife has helped me create a more energized healthy active lifestyle.
— Billy

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